barbara’s punishment I was excited. Tonight would have been the night I had been waiting for quite some time. Frank had given me all necessary instructions, and I was willing do my part to help him to punish his slutty slave, Barbara. Frank told me Barbara is working as a teacher, and that she is a very respectable woman. She is in her early 40’s, and she is hiding her submissiveness to the entire world. Nobody could ever tell it when seeing her shouting at the children of her class. She hid her second life very well. Until a week ago, that is. Frank had asked her to get fucked by the school director within a week and to bring him video taped evidence that she had complied to Frank’s commands. She had done a lot of things for him, a long list of very nasty, potentially compromising things. But this time, she had said, “No, Master… I simply cannot… The guy is an old jerk… I cannot fuck him…” Frank had listened, and then, he had said coldly, “Well, we will see, Barbara… You come here next week with the tape I am always asking you… Should you come without the tape, be prepared for some punishment. You’ve been a good slave slut so far, Barbara, but you will understand that I cannot accept to hear you say no. You better accomplish, or you will be punished…” That day, a sobbing Barbara left his house. Later that night, Frank had phoned me. We got to know each other in a chat, and I had promised I wanted to help him if he needed a hand for a punishment of one of his sluts. He told me that next week, he would need my help, as he was sure Barbara would not be doing what she was told. He said I had free choice for my clothes. It had been a thrilling week, and I had been shopping quite a lot in the Four Roses Shop, which was a fetish sex shop in a very dark part of the town. When I went there for the first time, I really was scared to death, especially of the hungry, animal-like looks the men present gave me. But it is also true that I had had a very wild orgasm that night, thinking of being taken by force by three of them, in the mud of some dirty back alley. Then, I got more used to go there, and I learned that the easiest defense was just staring back at them, or, more exactly, staring in between their legs. Most of these guys were real machos in their fantasies and when they talked to each other, but they were little wimps when it came to real life encounters. I placed the plastic bags on my bed and pulled out slowly the stuff I had bought. I felt the cold rubber and leather in between my fingers. I still had the chance to phone him and to tell him he had to cope with it alone. But I felt my cunt tingle at the only touch of the rubber material between my fingers. I stripped quickly. Instinctively, I looked at the mirror, turning a bit. I was looking good, no doubt about that. My tits are small, but they are very firm, and I like my dark brown nipples that can get so hard. My stomach is flat (you can see my belly muscles), and I have a very nice, round and firm ass. My cunt is completely shaven, I just like to surprise with that, and I found out that women are getting very much turned on by this, and men sometimes love to play daddy with daughter. I though about putting on the expensive stockings I had bought, but then, I decided against them. It was summer, it was hot, and I just didn’t want to feel them on my legs. I stepped into the tight mini skirt of black leather. God, I was happy I had listened to the clerk who had convinced me buying it two numbers smaller than mine. I just felt the cool leather stretch and crack a little over the bare skin of my ass. That type of skirt just did not allow any panties under it. I hated panty lines, especially on a perfect ass. I took in the air and rolled the rubber top over my skin. God, was it tight! It was black and shiny, and it was not very easy to breathe with it on. It pressed and pushed my tits up, and you could clearly see my nipples poking through. I stepped in the leather boots. They had high heels and went right over my knee. With a bit of force, I put the laces and the squeaky leather in place. I turned again in front of the mirror: God, a black slut! I just looked great, and I was sure that Frank would approve my choice. I threw a long black coat over me to cover me at least a bit, then I ordered a taxi. When I came to your place, I knew immediately that she was already there. The little Honda in your driveway was the perfect teacher’s car. I rang the door bell, and you opened. You took my coat. You were very formal, making compliments like every good host makes, and it just seemed like a nice dinner invitation for a moment. But then, you said with a sharp voice, “Claudia, the slut is waiting upstairs. Obviously, the little whore didn’t bring anything, just as I expected, and therefore, we will throw a little surprise party for her today. She just has to understand that as my slave, she can’t go on like that. I told her a friend of mine would be coming to punish her. Will you go already upstairs, Claudia, and just do as you feel with her? I will control it with my hidden cameras, and later, we will see what we do with her together. But first, I want to see how she reacts to a female.” I simply nodded, took another sip of the heavy red wine he had offered, and went upstairs. At the end of the corridor, I saw a room with an open door. Dim candle light came out. I entered the room. Barbara could tell right away who I was. She was sitting in a chair, and she was looking fearful up to me. Though she was not anymore young, nor skinny, she was a pretty woman, with a soft, white tan, and the blonde hair matched perfectly her blue eyes. If it would have been the time for a smile, I am sure she would have looked even nicer. But it was no time for smiles. I just stood there in the door, with my legs slightly spread, and i was astonished myself about the sharpness in my voice when I finally spoke. “Well, my little slut, I see you have not been totally at the will of your Master, haven’t you? I understand: As you think he is bored of you, you go to do what you think is right, without taking notice of what he’s wanting from you. Now, he is not upset, but you know how he feels when you don’t do the things he asks you to do. You have to have his permission for not doing what he asks you. That has always been our rule, but you love to ignore my rules, don’t you? Maybe, this is your way to get his attention, and I have to admit, dear: it always works. Well, as I said, he is not upset. You did what you thought you had to do, but you did it without his permission. Where is the fucking tape, Barbara?” Barbara just shook her head, and I saw a little tear trace down from her eye. “There… there is no tape, Claudia… I just… I just couldn’t do it…” “Well, well, well – I think, my little slut needs to be punished for that. Barbara, take your clothes off,” I said. “I want to see you completely naked. I want to see your slutty body, that slutty body that doesn’t want to please the person Frank has picked to be pleased.” I got up and inspected Barbara. She was standing completely naked in front of me. Her full white tits were hanging a little, and her ass was a little too fleshy for my taste, but as a whole, she had a good body for a forty year old. One part of me felt nearly some sort of pity for this teacher – she was so soft, and I longed to feel her smooth skin. Another part of me was incredibly hard and aggressive. This girl wanted just my weak part, she wanted to seduce me for not being punished. She saw the anger in my eyes. She looked at me, and I said, “Yes, look into my eyes! What do you see, you little slut, what do you see in your Italian punisher’s eyes?” “I see hot fire, Claudia.”, Barbara said and smiled. “Why is the filthy teacher slut smiling?”, I asked. “Because the Master has the same look every time that he is going to punish me, and I love how he punishes me, Claudia.” “Come over here, my little slut, and undress your punisher!” She came over and started to undress me. She was licking her lips as she was taking my rubber top off. I bit down on her lips, and she moaned, “Oohhh yes, Claudia!!” I bit her neck and throat, BITE BITE!! “Oohhhhh God, that is sooooo good, Claudia… Aahhhhhhhh…” She wanted to touch me, but she couldn’t, because she knew she was not to touch me until I didn’t tell her else, as this was part of her punishment. I saw in her eyes, she really wanted to touch me. Then I said, “You know the rule, my little teacher slut… Keep undressing me!” She unzipped my skirt and pulled it down. I stepped out of it. She looked at my clit, as it stood a bit out between my neatly shaven pussy lips. That little lesbian whore was licking her lips hungrily. Barbara straightened back up. I looked into her eyes. God, she was so hungry for being punished! I rubbed her clit. Shit, she was so wet, very wet! Barbara sighed, as she loved the touch of my hand there. She loved the feel of my hand there. I kept rubbing he clit. My hand was so much covered with her juices. She was moaning, “Yes, Claudia, yes!” The teacher slut was moving her hips, wanting more. She had her hand on my hand, and she was rubbing back and forth. “Harder…”, she was moaning, “God, my punisher, I am so wet!!” I removed our hands. I sucked the juices off her fingers, taking them in my mouth one by one. SUCK SUCK!! I was taking each finger deep in my mouth, then, I was letting it pop out. My tongue was wrapped around her fingers. Then, I was sucking the tips of her finger, looking in her eyes. She was so horny now. She couldn’t contain herself, so she took my hand. But before she was able to suck on my finger, I pulled it away. I told her, “You know better than that, my little slut!” I turned and sat down in a chair. I told Barbara, “Come, my little slut! It’s time to spank your ass!” She came willing, as if she loved her ass to be spanked. She laid over my knees, and her big tits were rubbing against my thigh. Her wet clit was rubbing against mine. God, this made me so wet! She turned her head around and smiled again, a cowish, submissive smile. I just grinned back at her. “I have to do this, my little teacher slut. You went against your Master’s wishes.” “Yes, Claudia, I understand, and I am ready.” I started rubbing her ass all over, then, I was pinching it. She shivered. “Aahhhhhhh yes…” She was milking her big breasts while I played with her ass. I spit my saliva on her ass. I rubbed my spit all over, then I raised my hand up. Barbara saw this, and she started to shiver from excitement. I brang my hand down, it was harder than before. Barbara screamed, “Ouch!! That stings!!” “It is supposed to, you little undisciplined whore!” I raised my hand again. SLAP SLAP!! Flesh against flesh. She was shivering, still excited, and she was moaning, “Oh yes, Claudia!! I love it!!” I felt her clit gettting wetter against mine, and I felt myself dripping. My juices were flowing from the excitement. I slapped her ass again. I saw she was still milking both of her tits. SLAP SLAP!! “Oh, yes!! Yes!!” she screamed, “Punish your little slut, Claudia!!” I left red hand prints on her ass. I rubbed them, then licked them. I was licking them hard. I thought, mmmh, that ass is so tasty… I continued to lick. Her hips were moving. Our pussies were rubbing together. Barbara pinched her hard nipples. God, I thought, this is making me so wet and swollen, you stupid little slutty whore, you just have no idea… I licked her crack, and she screamed, “Oh, yes, Claudia!!” Then, I slid a finger in her asshole, sliding it back and forth. Then, another finger. Aawwwww, she was so tight! She was moaning, “Oh God!!” I continued to fuck her with my fingers, ramming them deeper in her, back and forth. Then, I was slapping her ass again with my other hand. SLAP SLAP!! “Uh, I’m almost there, Claudia!!” she screamed. Her hips were thrusting, and her entire body was shivering. I fucked her faster, faster… I slapped her ass. SLAP SLAP!! “Oh, God, God, keep doing it, Claudia, keep doing it!!” I fucked her faster… faster… SLAP SLAP SLAP SLAP!! She screamed, “I’m cumming!! Devil!! Oh God, yes!! Ahhh… mmmmh…” I raised my hand again when I felt a strong grip around my wrist. I looked in surprise up and saw in Frank’s angry face. “Stop it!! Stop it immediately! Stop to make this slut cum, do you hear me, shit!!” Barbara looked up from my lap, her face all sweaty. He slapped her right in her face. “And you, you whore, you better work before I allow you to cum, do you hear me! Now, down on knees and elbows, you slut!” “Yes, Master… I’m sorry…” Barbara knelt immediately down as told. Frank placed the sole of his booth on her spine, pressing her chest in the dirt. “That’s it, bitch… Your fat tits in the dirt, and stretch out that ass of yours…” I saw a huge dildo in Frank’s hands. I sat back in the chair, with my legs slightly spread, and my hand caressed very lightly my throbbing and wet cunt. I smiled at him, and he smiled back. “Now, you slut, I have a little present for your ass. Suck it a bit, make it wet, so it’ll slide the better and the farer into you!” He presented the dildo to Barbara who immediately wrapped her wet lips around it and sucked it hard. Her ass was moving up and down while she did this, as if she was anticipating the fuck motions Frank would cause her ass to do in a while… I hadn’t even noticed I had started to masturbate, but when I slid my long fingers through my wet slit, I pressed a little, and when I saw how Frank took the dildo and pressed it against Barbara’s tight little hole, my middle finger sank into me, without me knowing what I was doing. I saw how Barbara pushed back, and how this fat dildo was buried in her ass, and she didn’t even made a sound… I just hear the squishy sound of her wetness, her breath going quicker, and i saw how Frank drove the dildo deeper and deeper up her ass. Again, when she was nearly cumming, he took the dildo out and positioned Barbara on a table. He unzipped his pants. He didn’t take them down, he just unzipped him for freeing his hard and big cock. He held it with one hand, telling Barbara, “Now, your Master is going to fuck you, you little slut. Open your legs!” Barbara didn’t need that order. She was laying on the table, her legs wide apart, with her feet on the table. She just stared at Frank’s massive dick, stuttering, “Oh yes, my Master, please fuck me with this strong cock of yours, please!” Frank looked over to me. “And you, Claudia, STOP IMMEDIATELY fucking yourself!! Come over her and let her give you a good lick!” Barbara’s eyes widened. It was one thing to get punished by me, another thing to give me pleasure. “It’s fun for you, isn’t it, Barbara?”, he asked her, “You would love to suck her shaven cunt, wouldn’t you, you little slutty whore…” Barbara closed her eyes in humiliation, but she murmured, “y… yes… I would love to taste her pussy, my Master…” I knelt down over her face and lowered slowly my hips until I felt her greedy long tongue against my wet outer lips. I looked over to Frank who to my surprise stepped a little back, still talking. “That’s it, my slave… Yes lick this wwet cunt, and lick it good… I’m going to ram you so hard in a second, you slut…” With that, he opened the door again and motioned an elderly man in. God, I was thinking, her school director! He was already totally naked, a skinny old man, but he had quite an erection. He motioned him in between Barbara’s legs and pushed the stiff cock of the man into the wide open and wet cunt. Frank was standing behind the man, and now he went with his hands under Barbara’s ass and pushed her in rhythm against the old man’s cock. “That’s it, you slut!! Fuck him, and fuck him good!” I raised my hips for a second at Frank’s sign to give Barbara a view at the old and ugly man who was fucking her with force. “Oh my god, no…” She yelled, but Dr. Walden was starting to come and pulled his dick out of her. He slapped his hard cock against Barbara’s belly, and finally, his hot semen splattered over Barbara’s fine white skin…


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