It had been a rough day at work, and I was looking forward to the ride home on the train. The thirty minute train ride was enough time to let me wind down and relieve the tension building in my head. I don’t think the train made it to the first stop before I started daydreaming however. I dreamed of being alone with you. I imagined the control you had over me, causing me to remove my clothes at the door. Somehow, you could just look at me, and you had a way of commanding the scene. I coward to your authority. I climbed onto the bed on my hands and knees. I knew you were behind me, but I dare not look back to see what you were doing. I hesitated a moment as you reached towards my hands, and wanted me to place them behind my back. My arms folded behind me, my hands grasping either elbow, and my face buried in the bed spread. I remained in this position, and you secured the ropes around my hands and arms. My bottom was exposed high in the air, and you swatted it with your hand. I accepted your spanks as my ass reddened. I could feel it getting warm with each additional smack, and you enjoyed seeing me squirm in such a position. Cringing from the additional swats, I tried to wiggle away to no avail. You smiled as you began pushing my knees apart, further and further. Now in such a position, I was completely exposed. My cheeks spread, as you became more accurate in your swats. Your fingertips took on new meaning as they brushed against my rosebud. I could feel you teasing my asshole, taunting it with your smacks. My breathing was heavy as I lie there in such an aroused state. Your fingers wandered down my slit, and found me dripping wet. I moaned as your finger gently caressed my clit. Your fingers spread my wetness the length of my crack wetting my ass and teasing my clit as you worked your way up and down me. My mind was racing thinking of what you might do to me, but I was yours and totally committed to the pleasures and pain your were going to provide to me. My moans turned to gasps, as you slowly but steadily pushed your finger deep into my ass. I was in no position to protest, but my gasps became stronger as your large fingers entered me. I found myself being stretched by not one finger, but two now as I wiggled on the bed and groaned. I thought I might come right then, but I knew better and fought off the urge. I heard you remove the cap to the ky jelly with your other hand, and soon I felt the cold jelly being smeared around my hole. I heard you applying it something else behind me, but I dare not turn around to look. As soon as your fingers left my cavity, I felt the hardness of a dildo pressed against my asshole. I tried to relax as I felt you pushing it into me. I knew I couldn’t fight it, and as soon as it was in me, I knew there was no way to resist. It was large, and stretching me so wide. I could feel it slowly moving deeper and deeper into me. I couldn’t resist, and my gasps became heavier as I lie there panting and moaning totally helpless to this large object penetrating me. I tried to push against it, but with no luck I was forced to accept the overpowering object in my ass. I knew you were above me smiling at the predicament you had me in. You stood there for a moment, admiring your work before you started spanking my bottom again. The intensity was greater now, and with this object lodged deep inside of me, there was nothing I could do. I felt each blow against my sensitive bottom. Each smack caused the dildo to wiggle slightly and its movement intensified each smack. I felt so aroused with each swat that I didn’t realize how wet you were making me. But soon I began to feel the moisture running down my thighs. Without removing the dildo, or loosening the ropes from my arms, you managed to roll me over onto my back. Now, I couldn’t protest. Further, with my hands under me, my breasts were even more accessible than usual. And I knew you would use that to your advantage. Your fingers grasped at my nipples and they hardened to your touch. I moaned as you pinched them and pulled at them. Trying to milk me as you stretched them. All nerves were now focused on the attention you were giving my nipples and I soon forgot about the dildo, until your knee brushed up against it causing me to moan in pleasure. You enjoyed the effect as you continued torturing my breasts and then occasionally moving the dildo. I was somewhere between heaven and delirious as you watched the impact you had on my body. You reached into your bag and pulled out two additional lengths of rope. This time you tied my legs spread wide apart. My lips were glistening and so swollen and my ass spread wide still with the dildo. My hands beneath me, and my breasts exposed with hardened nipples. I couldn’t imagine what you would do next. You reached into your bag again, this time getting a leather whip with many thin strands of leather hanging from the handle. The strands felt like many fine fingers hitting me as you brushed it against my exposed thighs. First the left thigh, then the right as you continued alternating between them until they were flush. When I thought I could endure no more, you reached into your bag and grabbed another object. I couldn’t see it, and didn’t know what it was until I heard it whizzing against my clit. You placed it right against my clit, vibrating wildly as I remained spread. I tried squeezing my ass cheeks together to brace myself against its intrusion, however with the dildo in my ass, squeezing down against it caused wave after wave of pleasure to travel through my body. My ass clenching against the dildo, and my clit totally exposed to this vibrating toy, I couldn’t take much more. My body was shaking violently, and I knew I couldn’t hold off this orgasm much longer. Just then, it stopped. As quickly as you turned the vibrator on, you turned it off and moved it from against my clit. My eyes opened wide, and I stared at you for some sort of guidance. You bent down next to me, and began speaking quietly in my ear. “Darling, you can’t expect to cum before me. You know the rules. Now I know how you desperately want to cum, but the rules are the rules. You must make me cum, before I will allow you that pleasure.” My look turned to that of desperation, as I opened my mouth eager to make you cum down my throat. I took you deep into my mouth, sucking wildly on you as I tried quickly to bring you to a climax. I didn’t mind choking or gagging on your big thick cock, as long as I knew it would eventually lead to my orgasm as well. I continued my assault on your stiff cock, desperate to taste you. My head was wildly moving up and down your shaft, my lips sucking you in deeper and deeper. I could feel you stiffening and throbbing in my throat. Just then, the buzz of the vibrator could be heard once again, and within a few seconds, I could feel it again against my clit. This time, with my clit so swollen and desperate for release, I gasped as you touched me with it. You knew I would, and as you felt my mouth open wider in shock, you shoved your cock deep in my mouth and exploded down my throat. Choking and gagging, I didn’t care as I swallowed you down. I knew mine was near. I wrestled and pulled against the ropes as my body shook in convulsions. My thoughts jumped from the dildo being thrust in and out of my ass, the vibrator whirling against my clit, my mouth filled with your satisfied cock, and my bound position. My senses were in overload, as my muffled screams signaled my climax. I came, and came again in overpowering orgasms as you squeezed my nipples. I couldn’t believe the severity and strength of them, and soon my body fell limp. I couldn’t believe how drained I felt. How satisfied, yet how exhausted I was. Just then, I heard the driver call, “Last Stop. All Doors out.” My eyes opened wide, and I realized I was still on the train, and this had all been in my imagination. I looked around in shock, hoping my moans of pleasure hadn’t been real. I hoped that I hadn’t given everyone a real show on the train that evening. My breathing was still heavy as I stumbled to the door. Was everyone staring at me?


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