Sister in Law My sister-law has always been a lightening rod. On one side you have one of the most beautiful woman that God has ever created. A tall, striking lioness – long auburn hair, green eyes, a smile that lights up a room, and a body that normally graces a dancer – firm, hard, sexy and sensuous. On the other side, this lady is a bitch to my wife, who is her younger sister, to her husband – and frankly to anyone else who gets in her airspace. I don’t understand her feelings about my wife, other than jealousy for the life she has, and how much younger, fresher and sexier she looks. My sister in law has spent the last fifteen years of her life married to her child hood sweetheart, the high school quarterback who I think Bruce Springsteens Glory Days were written for. A fat, overweight, no neck arm chair barker, who blew out his knee at college, and now pedals beer for the local micro brewery. He can barely pay his bar tab, let alone his Visa bill. I know they have a non-existent love life, because sisters talk. Our life is completely different, I have made millions, I have a marketing business that makes me incredibly happy, and our love life is even better than it was 12 years ago when we first fucked. We are wild, kinky, insatiable, and I can convince my lovely wife to experiment to my imagination, because we have such a strong foundation. I told my wife that I was fed up with her Sister, and that she deserved a lesson. My wife gave me that look that makes my heart skip – not only did she agree she encouraged me. After a month of careful planning we put things in motion. My wife called her sister and invited her over for Saturday dinner, knowing that her lame, fat slob of a husband was off hunting or playing circle jerk with the boys. She jumped at the chance. She arrived thinking that I was going to be out for the next couple of hours. We had the entire house wired up with those ‘spy cams’ you get at the local spy store. (They are awesome if you ever want to nail your housekeeper or nanny walking off with your merchandise). I was out in the garage, having a ball switching from camera to camera. Hoping my wife would come through. They started chatting and drinking some wine, and my wife suggested a swim. Given the privacy of our backyard, and the pattern they have often established during the week, there was nothing to them both swimming naked. I hadn’t seen my sister in law before, and if was exciting to compare their bodies. Hers was more round in the ass, fuller breasts, and her pussy hair was thick – and gnarly. My wife keeps her herself shaved, with the exception of a little hair on top, so she doesn’t’ look like a girl. She also pierced her labia on a dare last summer, and I love tying her pussy to a bedpost, when I spank her on my regular master slave evenings. They swam and then sat by the pool, and my wife commented on her thick pussy hair – yadda, yadda, yadda, and it came out that she couldn’t bother because she hadn’t had oral sex in years, and a cock in months. More talk and my wife convinced her to at the very least trim her pussy, so it wouldn’t look so extreme when in a bathing suit. This led to more wine, a joint, a trip to the bathroom, where both of them pissed loudly in the toilet, followed by a shaving session. By now they were getting lewd, and the next thing the two sisters were modeling their shaved pussies in the bathroom mirror. The fog fucked up my camera so I could see only silhouettes. Next my wife wanted to show her sister the new toys that I had brought home. This led to the ceremonial dumping on the bed of our toy box which includes everything from enema bag to vibrating nipple clips, butt plugs, vibrators, handcuffs and everything else money can buy from a mail order service. I had a perfect view as my wife turned on a vibrator and pushed it against her sister – as a lark. She jumped back – squealing, joking, and all the other bullshit until after the ‘struggle’ was over, she was kneeling on the bed, ass in the air, as my wife fucked her sister hard with the vibrator. She gave the bitch ten years of being yelled at by stretching her cunt. I let this go on – and then slowly walked in the house, up the stairs and then burst in the bedroom – as if I suspected an affair. After feigning complete shock and disgust, I refused to let them move or get up – quite the opposite. I made both of them face a chair and bend over, threatening to tell the fucken world if they didn’t listen to me. After some handiwork with Velcro ropes I had the two sisters naked – one a little scared, and my wife very excited. I blindfolded my sister in law – and then untied my wife. My sister in law had no idea – she kept saying to let her go – she was even getting bitchy again, until I slapped her ass hard with my hand. With both of us untied we went to work on the bitch. Nipple clips, labia clips, a ball gag – she started to make us nervous our neighbours – who live 200 yards away would hear her, and then a wonderfully greased vibrator in her pussy, and a hand held vibrator on her clit. She went from screaming and anger to starting to react to the touch. The hornier she got, the more evil I became. I decorated her breasts with five clothespins each, (plastic ones – they sting but don’t really hurt or bruise), and then threatened her with an enema. She went wild – as I greased up her ass – and pushed a vibrator in. She had no idea whether it was a nozzle or a vibrator. I told my wife to get on her knees to suck my cock, which gave her away o my blindfolded victim. We ended up spending the evening together treating her as our bitch in heat. She sucked me, sucked my wife – which was wild, she held my cock when I pissed and licked me clean, and she had to squat down over a bowl to relieve herself. Today – a month later she is begging to come over for another session. She has kept her cunt cleanly shaven, she has bought some toys and video that she wants to share with us. She has told my sister she would love to be our fuck slut for a whole weekend. Such is life.


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