I was admitted to hospital for observation, after being weighed, measured and generally looked over, the nursing sister sat me in a wheel chair and took me to the ward . I was very disorientated and wondered what I was doing here. There were screens around the bed to provide some privacy whilst the rest of my clothes were removed. Instead of pajamas the sister gave me a robe to put on, I started to put an arm in one sleeve but she said I had to put it on back to front, this seemed funny to me in my confused state, but thought they must know what they were doing so I let them put it on me with the opening at the back. All the time the nursing sister couldn’t stop looking at my penis, in my groggy state I wasn’t sure why because that bit of me was all right and in working order. I got into bed, as I lay on my back a second nurse came in pushing a trolley with rubber tubes and things on it, from the trolley both nurses got a pair of these very thin rubber gloves and put them on their hands. A rubber bag was hung from a pole fixed to the trolley with a tube coming out of the bag, the first nurse whose name I thought was Mary, lifted up my the gown and laid it across my chest. She then asked me to lift up and when I did she put a sheet of mackintosh underneath my bottom, then she put some greasy stuff in my bottom with her fingers which felt rather nice, the next thing she did was a surprise as she put this tube in my bottom and pushed it right up inside me. The funny feeling made my penis swell and it stood up in the air, Mary played with the tube and started to put the contents of the hanging bag into my bottom. The other nurse, I think she was called Jo, stopped the flow and squeezed this rubber bulb which made the tube in my bottom swell up and plug my bottom. I lay they wondering what was next, I could hear them talking, it sounded like ” pity to let it go to waste “. I had no idea what they were talking about, in my fuddled state. Jo got a little packet off the trolley, opened it, and lent over and rolled a rubber onto my penis. Mary came round to the side of the bed lifted up her uniform and I saw she had no knickers on, got on the bed, put my penis between her legs and sat on my tummy. She wiggled about then started to push up and down on my tummy which made my penis go up and down between her legs. This treatment didn’t seem to do anything to me, but Mary seemed to enjoy doing it for me and then my penis started to feel like I wanted to urinate but it wouldn’t. Mary was making funny noises and Jo told her to keep the noise down this worked because Mary almost stopped breathing and then with a big sigh she got off my tummy. Jo picked up this bowl, told me to raise up and sit on it, putting it under my bottom, she released the stopper thing and told me to sit and wait. As I sat there she took the rubber off my penis and looked at the end of my penis, it must have looked OK for she didn’t say anything. Soon I went to the toilet and had a pee which was good as my penis went back to normal and the fullness in my tummy went down. Mary said, as she removed the potty, adjusted my gown and pulled up the bed clothes, that I was to go to sleep. It was not much of a sleep as it was not long before two new nurses came along and said I was to be put in isolation in a separate room, they told me to get on the trolley they had, then drew the screens away and pushed me out of the ward into the corridor and into a small room on the right. It was nice and bright and had a bed in it, the shorter one said I would not need the gown on in here so took it off me, told me to get into bed and get to sleep, I hopped that it would be longer this time as I was very tired and not at all with it in my dream like state. It didn’t seem long before I was woken up by two different nurses, they asked me how I was and I said OK as I’d had a sleep. The fair headed one said her name was Jane and that her junior was called Sonia. I asked where Mary and Jo were and they said they were off duty till this evening. Jane asked me if I remembered what had happened this morning I said sort of but not too clearly. She then asked me if I did anything to my penis either in bed or the bathroom, I didn’t know what she meant and said so. She pulled down the bed clothes and looked at my penis, she put on a pair of those rubber gloves, then she picked up my penis and waggled it which felt nice and it became firm, Sonia passed Jane a tube of tooth paste and Jane opened it and squeezed some out and smeared it on my penis and began to rub it in, it wasn’t tooth paste at all , I could see it said KY jelly on the side of the tube, which seemed familiar, but in my state I was unable to pin it down. Jane slid her hand up and down my penis and it began to feel the same as when Mary sat on my tummy this morning, Sonja leaned across the other side of the bed tickled my bottom with her finger, then she put some of the tube stuff on her gloved hand and put her finger right in my bottom and asked me if it felt nice. I could only nod as my mouth had gone dry and my penis wanted to pee. Sonja and Jane seemed to be working together, as the finger of one went in my bottom the hand of the other came down my penis and up when the finger came out. This went on for some time until a funny feeling in my tummy and penis made me pee but none came out, but my penis went soft. I noticed that Jane checked her watch and I looked at the clock and was surprised that they had been treating me for so long. Then they washed me and dried me, put a rubber sheet of mackintosh under me and pulled the bed clothes up and told me that I would get some tea shortly and was then to get some more sleep, sure enough the meal turned up and was very nice. The rubber sheet which had been so cold at first warmed up and soon I dropped off to sleep. It was after dark, for the window showed no light when next I was disturbed, it was Mary and Jo from this morning, both smiling at me, Jo said she was going to treat me tonight and lifted her uniform dress up and I could see she still had, unlike Mary earlier a little pair of panties on, she told me they were special ones and there was no need to put the rubber on my penis. I didn’t see how she could because it was all soft between my legs. Pulling back the bed clothes Jo sat on my tummy and then put her hand down to find my penis and she rubbed it against her panties, this made it get stiff and then I saw what she did, it wasn’t put between her legs it went up inside her vagina and the panties seem to be made of rubber. Jo settled down and then she raised and lowered herself actually on my penis this was nice and it was like a hand only softer and nicer I was beginning to like this treatment except for the wee business as I thought it must be stuck because none come out until I went soft. Hazy memories of what this was called floated at the edge of my consciousness but faded as I tried to remember. Mary was watching us both and had her hand under her skirt and was scratching herself which seemed to get more of an itch all the time because she was really scratching away and then she collapsed into the bed side chair and said how nice it was. It must have itched real bad for a while but she seemed all right now. Jo had got slower and slower and she was sounding just like a pussy cat purring and then she fell onto me and my penis popped out of her vagina. It was all standing up still and I put my hand down and rubbed it up and down, I was surprised that it felt nice and almost as good as when Jane had done it to me earlier in the day. Jo pushed my hand away and said it was naughty and not to do it. Mary watched and then started rubbing me and I suddenly remembered the word for it was masturbation. Jo said she would wash me, and proceeded to do so with the rubber sheet under me and towels either side, she dried and powdered me then she said I had to wear a special pair of pants, she pulled these up my legs and I found they had a special pouch which Jo used to place my penis in, it was all slippery and I slid in easily, they covered me and then pulled them around my waist as I lifted up. I looked down and it was funny to see my penis in a rubber pouch and just lying there all soft. Both Jo and Mary said that I was not to touch my self down there without them or other nurses being in the room and would be very cross if they found out I had. I couldn’t see how they would know but I said I wouldn’t. They left and I must have dosed off for a while and half asleep I wondered if I could make my self hard as the others had done. Feeling down under the bed clothes I found my penis lying on my tummy and gave him a rub he jerked and started to swell so I gave him a bit more, it was all slippery in its pouch and the feeling was almost as good as during the nurses treatment. I continued to rub and got the feeling but this time I seemed to finish, then did’t want to pee and fell asleep. Two new nurses woke me and wanted to look at my penis so they pulled down the bed clothes and took down my rubber knickers and penis out of his pouch, there was funny white thick liquid in the pouch and round my penis, they seemed to think it was naughty and said I’d been told not to play on my own and deserved a good spanking, I didn’t like these two but said I was sorry and would not do it again. I got the impression that they were disappointed that they could not treat my penis as he stayed soft, even though they tried to get him hard. They cleaned me up and told me to behave, as they would be back after breakfast. I wasn’t very sleepy this time and just lay in the half light. I could hear voices and phrases like ” the best we have had “, ” it’s a monster “, ” he must have concussion ” ” doesn’t seem to know what’s going on”, I wondered who they were talking about but dropped off and dreamt that all six of my nurses where giving me the treatment. I woke some time during the night, and wondered where I was and why but no one was there to tell me. I was startled some time later by two nurses entering the room. I asked where I was and what had happened. This question brought a look of sadness on their faces and made me worried I might be really ill, I said as much but they were quick to reassure me that I had suffered a mild head injury, but by my actions now I seemed to be all right. They inquired, a little anxiously, if I had any recollection of the past forty eight hours. I replied with a blush that I had vague memories of having indulged in sexual activities but now put that down to my head injury. There was then a general consensus of opinion that this must be the case. I was discharged that morning with a clean bill of health and strangely enough notes from nurses called Jo, Mary, Jane and Sonja asking to meet at some time in the future, I wondered why, but thought they were all very nice and would contact them soon. individually.


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